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In Loving Memory...

Harvey Goodwin. (1947-2017)


Survived by his wife, son, step son, step daughter, and grandchildren. Long time member of HOPRA, Harvey began his racing career back in the early 80's and raced his way to a National Championship win in 1990. Creator of the East Coast Racing Series, along with is brother Willy, ECRS was the backbone of northeastern racing as we know of it today. Harvey's vast knowledge and his connections in the modern machining technologies lead the way to the development of a lot of the design, parts, and technologies we use today. Co-owner of "Rabbit Racing", Harvey provided many with his advancements in technology and first to market products. He participated in several racing leagues around the country and the Pa., NJ, NY tristate area. Racing with the brother duel of Harvey and Willy was always a fantastic time. Harvey never turned down a good time, friends, and great racing. He assisted many in their time of need on and certainly off the track. Mentor to many, true friends to most, he will truly be missed by all. Goodspeed Harvey, may you be racing in the heavens for all eternity. 

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