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Craig Nothstine Outstanding Sportsmanship Award


The Craig Nothstine Outstanding Sportsmanship Award honors the fun, caring and generous spirit that Craig "Groove Daddy" Nothstine (1960-2015) continuously brought to any racing event he attended. This award was created to honor Craig and his approach to the sport and life in general. His motto was: Go fast and have fun and often said 'Nobody does less with more.' He was always ready and willing to help a fellow racer out whether you knew him or not. He was generous beyond measure to all in the HO community. It would not be uncommon for him to pick up the dinner tab for the entire group. He made a lasting impression on all who had the good fortune of knowing him. Craig brought humor and a jovial spirit to everything he did. Every race he attended was a better event because he was there. He was a kind and wonderful person that will be greatly missed forever. The Craig Nothstine Outstanding Sportsmanship Award is given to others that demonstrate the same traits.

2015 - Jim McKinney 

Jim aka "Jimmy" is a great supporter of the world of HO racing and our communities. In his spare time he dedicates himself to assist in the production of Quicker Engineering parts. His enthusiastic approach to life is made clear in the fantastic stories that he is willing to share with others. Forever with a smile; he is often the first one at the track and the last to leave. Over the years he has raised thousands of dollars in donations for Children's Hospital of WI and St. Jude's Children's Hospital. His generous donations have helped many children in their fight against cancer. To the left is Thor Nothstine, Craig's son, presenting Jimmy with the award.

2016 - Bob Colleran 

Bob is a long time member of HOPRA. He is regularly recruiting and signing up future racers. Bob is a steward in his community and gives back by teaching children tennis. Several of Bob's students have played on the professional circuit. He is always willing to help out his fellow racers. There is not a tool he does not have in his "mad scientist" race box. Bob's is willing to share his racing knowledge with anyone and has amazing stories to tell. He has an uncanny ability to recall very specific details of who placed where along with lap times and totals. He has lead the innovation to a lot of how and what we race today.

2017 - Rick DeRosa

Rick has been a stalwart of HOPRA and HO racing in general for well over thirty years. In addition to being the owner, chief designer, fabricator of Quicker Engineering, he is a former HOPRA National Director, a long-time representative on the HOPRA Executive Committee, a national champion many times over in several classes, hosted several Nats events and has helped in some way, shape or form at just about every Nats since the early ‘80s. However, that’s just part of the story. His willingness to help racers, both at the track or during tough times away from it, is another part of the story. Sure he has helped with loaning cars, tweaking, tuning and freely offering the latest tips. But what Rick does away from the track is what makes him such a special person. At the 2013 Nats in Ashland, MA, Rick bought a recliner so his long-time friend and mentor, Norm Gardner, could get a decent night’s sleep at the hotel. Or when he quietly picked up the dinner tab for 30 or so people after the 2015 Nats at Lucky Bob’s. When asked about it a few months later, he said, “Well, that’s what Craig would do”.  

Dan McCleary – 2018 

Dan promotes the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle by promoting the highest quality natural supplements and apparel with his brand NFE, a.k.a., "No Freakin' Excuses".  While his appearance is larger than life, so is his ability to put a smile on anyone’s face. He can be persuasive, uplifting, funny and positively inspirational all seemingly at the same time and in most any conversation. Dan uses this uncanny ability to bring smiles and encouragement to friends, family and fellow slot racers.  Always smiling, Dan brings a jovial racing experience to every event he attends. He’s willing to help, motivate and, yes, even corral racers to the starting line! Driven by his dedication to the best service in the business with his products, he also provides that same level of service to every racer he meets. Dan will literally give you the shirt off his back! 


"Lucky Bob" Thelen – 2019 

Bob has dedicated his time and energy to promoting the hobby as  the proprietor of Lucky Bob's Slot Car Raceway in Milwaukee, WI for over 20 years. Lucky Bob's is one of the only fully outfitted slot car shops in US providing birthday parties, various weekly racing, and mail order with 1,000 of parts in stock at all times.. He is always one of the first and often the last to leave the track during the vagarious championship schedule. Bob is always willing to assist the new and seasoned racer at the drop of a hat. Dedicated not only to his family and friends but the hobby as a whole. He supplies countless hours, time, and a huge variety of parts at almost every national event. We are "Lucky" to have such a supporting person in the hobby.

mike shanks.jpg

Mike Shanks – 2020 

This long-time member of the HOPRA organization has served as a valuable asset over the past few decades. Furiously completive he is always willing to open his box to help any racer in need. Often silent in the background he will step up on a moment’s notice to help. Mike provides an establishment, "The Cave", that has brought in many racers throughout the years. He has built one of the best slot car racing facilities in the entire world and never asks for a dime for all his hard work. Always striving to please the racers with a racers first attitude in mind. Whether you want to be on the best tracks in the heart of competition or just come to hang out and have a great time, his place never disappoints. An outstanding sportsman a darn good competitor, always in the mix you can never count him out, but you can always count on him. Not only has he brought past championship events to light, he helped bring 2021 event to one of the largest competitions in the past decade. 

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