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7/20/20 - 

All parts submissions and rule proposals have finalized. We are working hard to get the 2021 rule book finalized. Stay tuned to the website for updates.  Click HERE for details

2020  HOPRA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, June 28, 2020

In attendance: Shawn Molter (ND), Chris Rondinella (OH), Jeff Schrader (MI), Bob Colleran (NCen), Tom Gray (NE), Peter Lentros (NE), Rick Derosa (SCen), Roger Porcelli (MidA), Tom Kannan (MidA) Chuck Smale (CEN), Dave Lehr* (CEN).

*proxy central region

Shawn Molter, HOPRA National Director, chaired the meeting and created the meeting agenda from the proposals submitted by the members along with the state/area executive committee representatives and the parts submitted by the manufactures. Due to COVID-19 pandemic a virtual meeting was held during the same week as the National Championships would have been held.

Click here to read all the meeting notes.


5/1/20 - 

46th Annual Championships will be June 21 - 26, 2021 Click HERE for details

4/19/20 - 

Due to the world events of COVID-19 the 46th Annual Championship date was moved to June 21 - 26, 2021