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12/31/19 - 

Voting results are complete for the Wizzard Fusion L4 and L10 polymer magnets. Both have unanimously passed for HOPRA competition. Click here for results. The finial version of the 2020 rule book has been published. 

10/1/19 - 

Voting results are complete for the 2 rule proposals. Click here for results. The initial 2020 rule book has been published. Another revision, if Phase2 of voting for the Wizzard magnets are passed, will be posted no later than 12/31/2019. 

9/3/19 - 

UPDATE - regarding Ceramic V1 Motor and Traction Magnets

How to tell them apart from existing magnets - We have identified an easy way to distinguish these magnets with approved ones. With that said, The driver has the final responsibility to prove the legality of their car. This could lead to lengthily pre and post race technical inspections which is an unfortunate turn of events.

9/1/19 - 

Announcement regarding Ceramic V1 Motor and Traction Magnets

HOPRA approves submitted magnets and chassis that meet the deadline for submission. That deadline  must be submitted no later than the 1st day of the HOPRA National Championships to be considered for approval for the following year's National Championships. There is a bit more involved in this process other than the finial produced part being  present at the Nationals. Other rules (established in 2016) were put in place to assist manufactures to extend this deadline. For theses magnets, none of the steps outlined in the rules were completed by the deadline therefore they will not be considered or legal for competition at the the 2020 event.  


How to tell them apart from existing magnets - This is a whole other topic that is currently being evaluated. With that said, The driver has the final responsibility to prove the legality of their car. This could lead to lengthily pre and post race technical inspections which is an unfortunate turn of events if they cannot be easily identified.


Anyone who produces parts deserves a lot more credit that is often ever said. It’s no small feat to bring parts to mass production level. We should all be grateful for products and services that progress the hobby. We encourage you to form your own opinion and continue to support those manufactures whom go above and beyond to bring new innovations to the fantastic hobby.  


If you would like to continue this conversation please go to the HOPRA board which is for specifically for members and such topics can be discussed there. https://www.hopra.net/membership

2019  HOPRA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, June 28, 2019

In attendance: Shawn Molter (ND), Chris Rondinella (OH), Jeff Schrader* (MI), Bob Colleran (NCen), Tom Gray (NE), Rick Derosa (SCen), Roger Porcelli (MidA), Tom Kannan (MidA) Mike Stewart (MW/W-remote).

*proxy for Bob Dame and Tom Salisbury

Shawn Molter, HOPRA National Director, chaired the meeting and created the meeting agenda from the proposals submitted by the state/area executive committee representatives. ​

First up was the Manufacture Representative;

Wizzard High Performance - R.C. Lincoln - New chassis, “Fusion”, was presented. Chassis and bulk head blue in color with a unique hybrid designed electrical system. Ceramic motor and tractions magnets were also submitted for the Fusion. MOTION WAS CARRIED TO MOVED TO VOTE and was unanimously PASSED. The next part submission included a drawling within compliance of General rule #9 for compression molded magnets in L4 and L10 for the Fusion chassis. RC was made aware of the deadline date for actual delivery. He was also told that level 10 and level 4 magnets must comply with the gauss limits for each class to be legal even if finial delivered product meets General Rule #9. For this submission the delivery date must be before November 27, 2019. – MOTION WAS CARRIED TO MOVED TO VOTE PHASE 1 (contingently approved), PHASE 2 WILL COMMENCE AFTER PART DELIVERY.​

Slottech – New ceramic magnet package (motor and tractions) for the T1X, part #847-2 and #841-1. The magnets are no different in gauss than existing ST magnets, a new design in height and width to allow use in T1 chassis. MOTION WAS CARRIED TO MOVED TO VOTE and was unanimously PASSED.

Rule proposals: 

Section 17-TRACK AND EQUIPMENT RULES rule # 7-Only the track power may be used to power the cars, was discussed in detail. Considering newly designed controllers from other countries, it was brought to the attention of the senate to regulate said controllers for use during the National Championship Race. It was believed that PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controllers could supply extra power to the car. After lengthy discussion it was decided current rules prevent additional power to be used to propel the car. The senate decided, with assistance from the racers, to add an additional sentence to the exiting rule as to not disallow certain controllers but prevent additional power from being added to the track that can be easily inspected through random tech inspections. Full rule modification for this rule will be voted on over the next 60 days.

Vintage T-Jet rules: The senate and membership discussed the possibility of removing this class rules from competition. The membership voiced their concern and interest in keeping the class. The Senate took this feedback into consideration. Certain members race for the love of the class however very few only attend for this class only. All these factors lead to the following decision; with calibration between the National Director and the Racers, we will propose a easy to follow rule set that will encompass existing Fray rules that do not require to be updated on a yearly basis. Rewriting the rules to conform with the other classes will make it easier for racers to follow. It was also discussed that if the following for this particular class does not increase then replacement classes will be put in motion.

Other topics discussed: 

2020 Nationals – 2 bid were presented from OH and WI. The Ohio bid was voted and approved. The 2020 Nationals would be held on June 23-27th in Aurora, OH within a Hotel and Conference center with over 8,000sq feet of space. Full details announced soon!

Spec Racer class and additional beginner events. It was discussed that the classes for armatures could be increased to provide additional racing for that class. Given the lengthy schedule, this may not be possible with the existing format. Discussion were had to the possibility of different racing formats that would not increase the total event time however would provide separate levels of competition. With the collaboration of the membership we will work on this strategy and propose new formats for the future.

Limiting the classes: It was discussed that number of classes held could pose an issue with attendance. It was discussed there could be options, depending on location of the event, that classes would be selected for a particular area. Alternating classes each year was also discussed. Though, all the ideas were not foamily laid out, it was decided that this is a topic worth investigating for future events. ​

More to come, stay tuned!

11/21/18 - 

The 2019 rule book has been finalized. There will be no change from the 9/1/18 update.

10/25/18 - 

The 2019 National Championships will held at Lucky Bob's Raceway in Milwaukee, WI - June 24 - 29, 2019 !! keep you eye on the website for schedule and details coming soon! Click HERE for more info!

9/1/18 - 

The initial 2019 rule book has been published. Another revision, if Phase2 of voting for the Wizzard magnets are passed, will be posted no later than 12/10/2019. 

8/17/18 - 

—— Breaking news ——

Slottrak timing and scoring will be HOPRAs official race management software!

Slottrak works with all different hardware types and is easy to set up and use. Various racing formats, team scoring, and much more. Endless controls to suit all types of racing formats! Download the latest version for FREE at http://slottrak.com/

Special thanks to Michael Block and his development team for their dedication and continued support!

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