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1/15/24 - 
2024 Rule Book has been posted. Click HERE 

5/26/23 -  video click here
For the past few months, there has been a growing number of questions and concerns raised in regard to technical inspection, specifically rear tires/wheels, for the Spec Racer, Spec Jet and Modified support races at this year's National Championships event. Myself and members of the Executive Committee have been in discussion on how best to address this situation.

Here is some background information about why and how this situation has developed: With the growing popularity of car classes where slip-on rear tires are mandated, the number of vendors offering these types of tires has grown significantly in just the last year or so. The variety of compounds and colors of these tires (as well as wheels) has also increased significantly as well. While this provides racers with a wide choice of options, it would be next to impossible to positively identify each specific compound/color tire during technical inspection at the Nats.

The questions and concerns around this situation have not gone unnoticed by the members of the Executive Committee and myself. We have been discussing how best to make it fair for all concerned and avoid a “tech nightmare” at the Nats.

We have faced this kind of situation at various times in the past. Most recently it was centered around the various stiffness levels of chassis. In that case, it was decided that as long as the HOPRA approved chassis maintained the exact design parameters, any stiffness (flex, medium, stiff, super stiff, etc.) was legal for that Nats event and the next year's rules were revised accordingly.

So, to avoid a 'tech nightmare' and all the undue stress and controversy that comes with it, the Executive Committee has voted by an overwhelming majority to amend the rear tire/wheel rule for the Spec Racer, Spec Jet and Modified car classes at the upcoming 2023 HOPRA National Championship event as follows:

Rear tires shall be any non-coated solid silicone, rubber or urethane replacement tires. Rear     wheels shall be any double or single flanged replacement wheels.

On behalf of the HOPRA Executive Committee and myself, we look forward to seeing everyone in just a couple weeks in Aurora, Ohio.

Best wishes and safe travels,

Shawn Molter
HOPRA National Director 

1/13/23 - 
2023 Rule Book has been posted. Click HERE 

1/09/23 - 
All parts submissions and rule proposals have finalized. We are working hard to get the 2023 rule book finalized. Stay tuned to the website for updates.  Click HERE for details

HOPRA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes - 6/22/22 
2023 National Championship has been set for Aurora, Ohio. Click HERE for details.
2024 National Championship has been set for Lucky Bob's in WI
2025 50th National Championship planning has been started. More details to come.

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